Stone Bridges

The rocks that are reflected in the waters of Mornos, Evinos and their tributaries are a unique heritage that bridges yesterday with today.

Most of these bridges are monotonous and are built in selected locations where the river bed is narrow. They are built by experienced craftsmen and proudly stand for many years almost observable in the deep shadow of the new road axes. The most important of these are:

The Headgear. An extraordinary bridging monument in the Mornos clusters under the shelter of Rethymno which has been well preserved since the Ottoman domination. From this bridge Doris was communicating with Nafpaktia, especially when Mornos came down and was impassable. From this, the rescuers of the heroic Exodus of Messolonghi (10 April 1826) passed and found shelter in the nearby Monastery of Varnakovas.

The bridge, according to tradition, is doubly haunted. The two “idiots”, Arapis from the Nafpaktiotiko part and Belasitsa from the Doric helping each other manage centuries now and protect the bridge from the anger of Mornos.

Artotivas bridge was constructed or reconstructed during the 1st Venetian domination of 1407-1499 in the shape of an arched and stone-made with plaster. It is situated in a unique position at the narrowest point of the river Evinos just before it meets the tributary of Kotsalos.

It has an opening of 22.35 m, width 2.4 m and thickness 1 m. The pavement from both ends of the bridge to the top advances with sloping landings. The final coating is done with a carefully constructed cobbled path. It connected Western Aetolia with the mountainous Nafpaktia and Evritania until the 1950s, when the new road of Thermo-Platanos was built.

Her bridge in Kakavo connected Ambelakiotissa to Upper Hora. It forms a large arched arch that rests on two opposing curved bases. It is built with stone of the area by Epirus craftsmen.

In the narrow streets of Klepas there is forgotten a great stone bridge of 10 m., 2 m wide and height from the bed of Evinos about 20 m. The bridge was visited in 1890 and described by the writer Andreas Karkavitsas.

The bridge of Gria in Granitsiotis connects the road to Nafpaktos – Hani Loi – Kefalogiofyro to Trikorfo. It was built in 1904, has an arched opening of 11 meters, a width of 2.30 meters and a height from the water surface of 5.5 meters

The bridge of Dorvitsa was constructed during the Ottoman domination to connect Dorvitsa with Platanos.

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