Hearing Appetite


BREAKFAST: In the stone-built communal space, with traditional decoration, the fireplaces, large windows and verandas that offer unobstructed views of the Pindos ridges offer you your breakfast lasts from 8.00-10.30. It consists almost exclusively of local products. Most of the dishes are prepared by us, jams, local honey, bread, homemade cakes, honey pan.

MEALS: In the communal area with the cook the owner
MOSHOULA operates a restaurant with traditional cuisine, the local recipes (wild boar, chopsticks, cranberries, pepper pork, local beefsteak, pork cut into lasagne, various pans), pies with handmade leaves combined with inspired dishes They take off the palates. Alien has a private parking lot.

Drinks-Drinks: At any time you can order coffee, tea and traditional desserts. Come to the taste of your favorite drink such as aromatic tea, hot chocolate, traditional Greek coffee, cappuccino and espresso, or enjoy a drink from our rich cellar. Exercise tasting exercises with a variety of traditional sweets made with taste by Moschoulas.

BREAKFAST BREAKFAST: If you wish for your breakfast you can take it to your room.