Mountain Nafpaktia is one of the most beautiful places in Greece suitable for winter and summer getaways. The area is also known as Kravara.

Ano-Chora is located 50 km from Nafpaktos and 270 km from Athens. It is located in the middle of an amazing forest with firs and chestnuts that penetrate to the village.

It is an area very special and unique in Greece and rightly characterized as the “Alps” of Greece. The Sirtata, on which the village’s back is resting, has an altitude of 1460 meters. At the eastern point of Sirta there are at a lower altitude the Tsonaki, Karaouli, Ai Giannis and Makrivalto peaks. Southwest of Syrta and about two hours away is the mountain Tsakalaki with an altitude of 1714 m.

East of Lomptinas, there are the peaks of Avgo and Tricova, as well as the sister of Omalia and Neraidono with altitudes of 1612 and 1708m. respectively.

Kato Chora, the Little Lombina, as they used to say earlier, is surrounded by the Ao Yannis, Galani, Tricova, Gulina and farther away Tsekoura and Ardini. It is located at an altitude of 950 m between two torrents.

The northern is formed by a grid of microchips springing from the western slopes of Omalia and the south of Gulina, while the south of a grid of micro-crawls that spring from the northern slopes of Sirta and Makrivaltos. These two are joined to Karatouba’s Mill, and they form the Lobbotanitiko (Katohotiti) which is poured into Kotsalos. Its old name was Lobotina. The versions for the origin of this name are unlikely.

The most well-known version is from the loop (green), from tallow pine (pine cone), and from Lobut (coarse and short rod, bat, pine).