Celebrations Events in the Ano Hora

kastano tsigar pod roupa 

Chestnut Festival: The Upper Countryin mid-Octoberorganized the celebration chestnut and raki which is distilling rakiroasted chestnuts, servedsweets (baklava, ravani kourabiedessweet spoons (cherry, chestnut, walnutquincelocal pies and goat stewIt is a distinct period with many visitorsfrom all over Greece.

CELEBRATION TSIGARITHRASA special celebration organized by professionals Ano Hora. Those who visit the village of Nafpaktos the first week ofFebruary, we will have the opportunity to see up close the process of preparing and of course taste delicious tsigarithrestraditional hoecake and of course good wine.

Bike Matches: The last weekend of August, the heart of mountain biking in the Upper Country hitsHundreds of cyclists enjoy the 40km off-road pathsin an excellent organization that includes many side events focusing on the bike.

Entryway SHEPHERD LIFE: oak Roupaka 1st Sunday of July. The event aims to revive the traditional pastoral life which now tends to disappear and get into the dustbin of history. In shady area of oak forest revived the trend of breeders from winter quarters in xekalokairia in huts” with all his possessionsbreeder (bells, Cyprus, crooksTagaris and capes), arriving horses that carry everything necessary, enter the spits the fire, preparing the butter and cheese KARAMPA to churn, boil ewes in cauldronsprepare traditional dishes and pies. Flutes and clarinets accompany the old traditional songs that are heard on various groups.