pezoporiaHas been detected and captured a network of four hiking routes based on the old connective tissue paths between the villages of Ano Hora, Low Country, football, and Ampelakiotissa Kryoneri. The trails pass through forests of fir and chestnut trees, while riparian vegetation impresses.These pathways are part of a wider network of paths used since ancient times. Although the precise age have not been established, archaeological finds suggest that the area has been inhabited since 2500 BC and that the topography has not changed to an extent that would justify re-drawing paths …….. more


podilasiaSignposted extensively waiting for you to experience the adventure with your friends. Organized struggles in specific periods of time for those who love the mountain on bike and those of you who want to know places that have not seen before. We are organized on the bike and we are happy to give you more information. Read more about the routes following the link below. You will find 6 signposted with descriptions and maps that you are fully familiar with the routes ……… more


orivasiaThe best way to get a good sense of the massif of Nafpaktos is to get in direct contact with nature, walk through the mountain paths, talk with shepherds, to quench your thirst on icy piges.Oi routes listed below are proposed by Greek Mountaineering Club of Lepanto (tel: 26340 23072) and a climbing or trekking to nature lovers and lovers of the mountain …. more

 Stone Bridges

gefiriaThe Petrogefiro mirrored in the waters of Mornou, Evinos and their tributaries constitute a unique heritage that bridges the past with the present.
Most of the bridges are arched and are arranged at selected points where the river beds are narrow. They are built by experienced craftsmen and stand proudly for many years almost abandoned in the deep shadow of new roads ….. more



Routes 4×4

4X4H Nafpaktia is the ideal location for excursions 4×4. Hundreds of kilometers gravel paths through the beautiful forest of Nafpaktos. Waiting for you to explore. We offer maps that accurately describe these routes. You can come with your own car or rent in Nafpaktos. We are available to serve you ….. more